Adtran e9xx Gateway

The Total Access Series is ADTRAN’s line of carrier-grade system solutions designed to reduce incremental capital outlay and provide investment protection in service provider network architectures while providing room for growth and the addition of new services.

This industry-leading product line includes Multiservice Access and Aggregation Platforms, IP Business Gateways, Integrated Access Devices (IADs), DSLAMs, and concentrators, along with system management solutions and services. The Total Access Series promotes strategic network planning with its “grow-as-you-go” modularity. This approach breaks down barriers to profitability, overcoming logistical deployment issues and expanding customer reach with the latest copper-saving and fiber technologies.

Provisioning these units can be a challenge because of their extreme flexibility, however one of our customer is a wiz with these devices, and has created a configuration build based on Microsoft Excel. They have done most of the interop work to ensure that the devices work perfectly with AVP.

**Note: We do not warranty the configurations, and of course we suggest that you completely test the configurations generated before place it into a production setting.

Adtran IAD config Worksheet

Updated on August 30, 2017

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